Rapid, Affordable Websites, Like Magic.


Choose a pre-designed layout from our library. We will deploy the design to your hosting or ours. The WordPress backend allows for easy editing, simply swap our pre-loaded content for your own. Only need a one-pager or  test-site?  That’s ok, only pay for what you need.


Magic Services

We like to keep things simple. Here are the services we offer. You can learn more about costs and what’s included on the pricing page.


We deploy your chosen pre-designed layout to your hosting or ours included in the price. We also hook you up with a professional email account at your domain.


We offer basic website hosting at an affordable rate billed annually.  Our shared hosting offers C-Panel. We are always happy to launch your site wherever you want it.

Updates / SEO

We can help you edit or add website content too. Our services are billed hourly for edits and updates. Marketing services are quoted based on requirements.

Award Winning Websites

Our pre-designed layouts are crafted by talented designers who have been recognized for great web design. With a few color adjustments and custom images your site will look like a million bucks!

Yes, Your Website Will Work Everywhere.

Our website layouts magically adjust to fit any screen, desktop, tablet or phone. When you launch with Freakin Magic your website will look freakin great on any device.

Search engines have been rewarding responsive websites for years now with improved search results. User experience is important and our website layouts offer gobs of great UX. 

Launch In a Day.

How can we launch in a day? Our offerings are streamlined and systematized for speed. Plus, we are not a big agency, so minimal overhead means we are only focused on getting you launched asap at the best price! 

We launch your chosen pre-designed layout with dummy content included. If you need help switching images and text content, we offer time based packages to get you fully confident.   

Let’s Work Together

If you need more time and have some questions please send an email. You can address it to Adam. Who knows, maybe we can make some freakin magic happen?